15 critical success factors for ESN success


I recently contributed a piece to the latest Ark-group KM report, “Collaborative Knowledge Networks.”  In it I identify what I’ve found to be the most common critical success factors (CSFs) for active and valuable enterprise social networks (ESNs).  This is derived from my experience, conversations with others in this space, and is also informed by my doctoral research on CSFs for KM.  In this framework of CSFs for an ESN, I classify the 15 CSFs into five factor groups:

1) Factors related to the ESN initiative

  • Link to corporate/business strategy
  • Measurement
  • Training & Education
  • ESN Champions

2) Factors related to the organization

  • Top management/leadership support
  • Organizational culture
  • Technology infrastructure

3) Factors related to the ESN manager

  • Change management skills
  • Commitment
  • Relevant past experience

4) Factors related to the ESN team

  • Full-time/dedicated staff
  • Commitment

5) Factors related to the external environment

  • Competition
  • Markets
  • Technology

Check out the full article (linked below) for more information on the framework and definitions for each CSF identified.  I also highly recommend the full report, which contains fantastic information for anyone working in the ESN/community space.

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