No backup for you

As the single lone post on my site may indicate, I’ve recently lost all of my site content that I’ve been writing and storing since 2005-ish (I know, ouch).  Turns out, user error was to blame (mine – shock).  About two years ago I switched from Joomla to WordPress, at which point I must have tinkered unnecessarily with my backup settings.  Fast forward to last month, in the process of upgrading to the latest version of WordPress I managed to completely delete everything.  Oops.  Like I say after every visit to IKEA – maybe I’ll read the instructions next time.


But, the good news is this will allow me to refocus.  I’ve made the mistake before of trying to predict what I’ll write about, but my intentions never manage to mesh up exactly with whatever it is that I find interesting or inspiring at the time.  So, without being too prescriptive, I’ve tended to write about knowledge management, communities of practice, learning, collaboration and social media in the past.  I’ll likely continue to do so, but I may broaden what I discuss here a bit more than that.  Time will tell.


All in all, looking forward to sharing again.

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